Downloads stop at 100% but do not complete

09/16/2011 07:32 am
I set up a bunch of files to download, and when I checked, they were all still listed in Mass Downloaded but as 100% downloaded. The folder downloaded to has them as Mass Downloader work files. When I click the download button to complete it, it just restarts downloading from the beginning.
Here is a couple of files I had issues with

Thanks a lot
09/17/2011 06:35 am

Please excuse for the inconvenience. This is a bug and we will work to fix it.
Right now you can just remove the ".Mass" file extension from such files and open them.

To remove the extension pleasem, in Windows Explorer select file and press F2 - this will allow you to edit the file name.

In case Windows Explorer hides file extensions, please:
1. In Windows Explorer, choose Folder Options from the Tools menu
2. Click on the View tab
3. Find "Hide File Extensions for Known File Types" and UNcheck its box.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff