Mass Downloader no longer works with rapidshare

02/24/2011 08:37 am
I bought mass downloader mainly to scheduel downloads overnight, however for the last week it's stopped working with rapidshare. My rapidsshare username and password is in it, but when a file downloads it just turns out to be a website saying I need to be a rapidpro user.

The site manager doesn't seem to work either, and I don't see how it could anyway as rapidshare uses a script to login instead of a standard http address and login box.
02/24/2011 12:15 pm

Could you please log in to your Rapidshare Premium account in Internet Explorer? Then please add the downoad link to Mass Downloader and test the download.
Please write us about the result.

Thank you,
02/25/2011 09:02 am
Hi, just did so, it downloaded a file
"ERROR: SSL downloads are only available for RapidPro customers. (3cf02fc0) "

I'm logged in and it downloads perfectly directly from IE and Firefox...
02/25/2011 12:19 pm
Is that possible to download this file using the regular HTTP protocol, not the HTTPS one?

02/26/2011 08:58 am
I think it is using http, what do you mean?
02/26/2011 11:43 am
This "SSL downloads" message means the secured download. The latter usually uses the HTTPS protocol.
02/26/2011 10:41 pm
ok, so what should I do to fix the issue?
02/26/2011 10:47 pm
Just further that, it does work if I copy the link to Firefox, use the Firefox download manager and choose "download with mass downloader".

Thus I would assume that mass downloader is passing the URL differently from Firefox -> mass downloader as apposed to simply copying the link into mass downloader.
02/27/2011 02:44 am

Yes, browser should forward cookies to the download manager - otherwise Rapidshare cannot identify the download.
For Internet Explorer, could you please check in the Mass Downloader Options dialog, Integration | Browser section? Do you have the MS Interner Explorer box checked? What is the value of the Use Method drop-down list?

Thank you,
02/28/2011 07:33 am
hmm, IE is checked, "use method" is default.
02/28/2011 08:16 am

Thank you. The "Default" one is the best for Rapidshare.
It is pity that it stopped to work for you. We will try to find the cause and fix it.

03/05/2011 03:37 am
Thanks, not sure what you can do as Rapidshare seem to have broken it, but please update us of any progress!

03/05/2011 07:47 am
Yes, we make a research now.

Brian Williams
03/11/2011 04:30 am

I have the same problem. I think it because Rapidshare is doing some kind of anonymising.

On!rapidtools/rapidtools_rsc there is a link checker.

If I plug the original url into it, I get this:

Status : 1 - File OK (Anonymous downloading)

I think the "Anonymous downloading" is the key to all this. I suspect this is a new mechanism that Rapidshare has introduced that Mass Downloader does not cater for.

I have seen other Rapidshare URLs posted on the same site that I use that say "Direct Download" and these work.
03/12/2011 11:20 am
Open internet explorer and log on to the rapidshare ssl site with your user number and password

close internet explorer without logging off rapidshare. The rapidshare ssl cookie will not be
deleted as it is when you log off.

Massdownloader will now download the files.

I have not found any other way around it as adding the ssl site to site manager does not work.
Brian Williams
03/12/2011 12:11 pm
How does Mass Downloader use IE cookies?

Can it use Firefox cookies?

At the moment I am forced to use "DownThemALL" but I would rather use Mass Downloader. If "DownThemAll" works, I don't see why MD cannot?
03/12/2011 03:29 pm
@Brian, the "Anonymous" in this case doesn't have anything to do with whether
you're logged in or not, but if the uploader has enabled logging or not (at least the rapidshare api
suggests he/she can enable it).
It doesn't make any difference to the url or any to/from data as that is server only.

Somehow RS works fine with MD here, although I had issues with it earlier.

The only thing I remember I did was ensuring Direct Download was enabled in rapidshare options,
added * to IE trusted list and disabling protected mode for trusted sites, log in to rapidshare, then copy the cookies for rapidshare which is in Cookies\Low (but not in Cookies) to
Cookies, and the cookies for rapidshare which is in Cookies (but not in Cookies\Low) to Cookies\Low.

I have no idea if this is the reason it works here though.

Btw, IE8 (at least with W7) seems to use two locations for cookies.
The usual "Cookies", and "Cookies\Low". I guess those are for IE unprotected mode and protected mode.
Brian Williams
03/13/2011 09:35 am
(apologies if this appears twice - I got a glitch submitting the first time)

ok, I assumed that anonymous was the reason that some URLs work and other don't.

I'd like to leave IE and cookies out of this, really. As far as I can see, I used to be able to cut and paste a URL, leaving the browser out of the equation entirely. M-D would then get the translated URL directly from Rapidshare. Now it returns the error "SSL downloads are only available for RapidPro customers" despite the fact that the URL contains HTTP, not HTTPS.

However, the same URL plugged into "DownThemAll" works - why?

If I log into Rapidshare from a browser, click the download button, then a save file sequence allows me to save the resultant URL to Rapidshare, which would only be able to download if site manager works, because you need to be a Rapidshare Pro member in order to be able to use a download accelerator like mass downloader.

Someone knowledgeable put this reply on
Rapidshare enabled SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) in their download section last week (mid of Feb 2011), so now it has to go through an https page to download the file. Unfortunately most of the download managers (Flashget, IDM, Getright etc) dont support the protocol as of now, and gives an error.

You will have to wait until these guys to come up with a version which supports it. Alternatively you can use RSM2 (RapidshareManager 2) for downloading the files. But it is painstakingly slow. The other option is to use Jdownloader with enabling SSL in the configuration settings of your rapidshare account and jdownloader configuration.
Both these are just a work around.. so use this and curse rapidshare until Flashget guys come up with a version update.

So it looks like Rapidshare has certainly changed its way of working, and "DownloadThemAll" knows how to deal with it.
03/13/2011 06:08 pm
No, they didn't..not really..

If SSL is on, then try this:
- Log into your account
- Make sure you are on the "My Rapidshare" page.
- Look at the bottom right for a green or red button named "SSL ON" or "SSL OFF"
- If it is On, click it and turn it off.

This assumes you have premium account, which I guess you have, otherwise there's no reason
to expect a downloadmanager to work.

Brian Williams
03/13/2011 08:36 pm
Hi Levy,

I tried clicking the SSL off button and it had no effect. I guess I'll stick with DownThemAll for the time being.
03/13/2011 08:44 pm
Well, it should.. at least it shouldn't complain about anything regarding SSL as you've turned that off.

Old resolved links (i.e the ones starting with ssl/ will stay as they are
until you readd the original link in MD.
And MD apparently reads IE cookies upon MD startup, and _only_ then.
Brian Williams
03/14/2011 08:46 am
Ok, I have a red "SSL off" in the bottom right hand corner and find a rapdishare link, right-click "download this file with Mass Downloader" and start.

The resultant file contains:

ERROR: SSL downloads are only available for RapidPro customers. (3cf02fc0)
<script type="text/javascript">location="/#!download|401l3|452130346|--- name of file ---|419430|SSL downloads are only available for RapidPro customers. (3cf02fc0)";</script>

I _am_ a RapidPro customer, so there is something else happening here.

I'm not sure why you chose to ignore the message link that I put up earler, viz:

Here is another one:

Here is another one:

And another one:

Finally this one:

This problem seems to have existed since 23 Feb. From what I have been reading, there seems to be some behind the scenes handshaking that goes through another SSL page to get the real URL.

It seems to have hit most of your competitiors, but one of them, "DownThemAll!" still works, without any of the tweaking that you have been suggesting:

I really don't have any more time to keep trying out weird tweaks, especially those that rely on cookies for a web browser that I do not normally use.

I look forward to an official update that fixes this problem


03/14/2011 08:49 am

Thank you for your message.
DownThemAll! "lives" inside browser. Therefore, it allows browser to make all necessary communication with Rapidshare server and then uses the result.
Mass Downloader uses the original link to start the download and the RS server cheats it using SSL redirect at some point.
I hope we will be able to find the solution shortly.

Best regards,
03/15/2011 06:48 pm
I didn't ignore the link(s) you presented, but as I mentioned, I download RS files with MD without issues, and I described the changes I remember I did to achieve that.

But, RS seems to use the HTTPS protocol whether it says "SSL ON" or "SSL off".
It is somewhat confusing the way that button says it though. If it says "SSL ON" does it mean that
clicking the button turns it on, or that it is already on?

I downloaded a file a moment ago with MD using "Download this file" through FireFox.
I then tried replacing the "https" prefix the resolved link ( had to "http"
and that worked too (My config says SSL OFF).
The protocol change isn't really a problem in itself as MD supports https.

I don't have rapidshare listed in sitemanager, MD only use IE cookies (although I never use IE for anything other than login to assorted sites for MD's cookie use).
03/16/2011 03:17 am

Yes, Mass Downloader works well with Rapidshare downloads when using Internet Explorer or FireFox too.
I mean when you open the link you need to download in the browser, signed in as premium user. Just right-click the green High-Speed Download button and select Mass Downloader - Download This File.

Mass Downloader will offer to download some strange "rsapi.cgi" file name, but when you accept this, it renames the file to the correct name as soon it receives the name information from the Rapidshare server.

However, Mass Downloader has some problems when you add a bunch of links to it directly, without browser. We try to find a workaround for this new Rapidshare "feature".

Btw, FireFox integration plug-in must forward the FireFox cookie to Mass Downloader, therefore you do not need to sign in using Internet Explorer first.

Best regards,
03/16/2011 08:43 am
Alexander, well it did have problems..earlier..
I'm not logged into RS with firefox when doing the above, only IE (in other words, using the IE cookie).

after I did what I described above however, I can paste multiple links from anywhere, and it works properly.

However, I had some issues with MD when my computer got IE8, and especially when I
installed W7 x64 (full version, not upgrade) when it was released, probably due to the two cookie stores.
After some experimenting I got it to work again, and it has worked since.

One issue is that somehow MD doesn't like mixing megaupload and rapidshare links in the same session for some reason (at least when doing it this way).. it seems the links to whoever was first of RS or MU succeeds and the other doesn't.

03/16/2011 09:09 am
Oh, one thing.. On my computer I've disabled the MD plugin (I'm only using the context menu) as it kept
stealing whichever link I clicked on, and it was bothersome due to some sites doesn't like DL managers at
all. I never found any other way to use MD when _I_ asked for it and not otherwise.
03/16/2011 09:27 am

What browser do you mean? For Internet Explorer please set the "Monitor clicks with Ctrl+Alt keys only" box under Mass Downloader Options | Integration | Browsers.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
03/16/2011 10:39 am
Alexander, Firefox. as I said, I only use IE to log into sites with for MD's use, the rest is FF.
As it is, I don't need that plugin (only the extension) though, as it seems my setup works
perfectly as it is although I had to make some changes (menuitem placement) to be satisfied.

I prefer not to be logged into RS through my main browser (FF) all the time (hence why I'm using IE cookies).
Maybe I'm a bit paranoid, but I like to have complete control over what uses RS and not
(Someone stole an account from me a long time ago, so I guess I'm being careful).