A bug in MassDownloader RAR preview

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naaloh 08/14/2010 07:36 am
It's been a while since I wrote here, but I hope you still remember me: I'm the person who provided the idea of implemented RAR preview in MassDownloader and tested it when it's been implemented. You even credited me with a free Mass Downloader regcode.

Anyway, I've found another bug in MassDownloader RAR preview: large file sizes are displayed incorrectly. For instance 4539875328 bytes is displayed as 244908033 bytes. Can you fix this?

I tried writing to Alexander Baranov who had been MassDownloader developer in the past, but got receipt which said the message couldn't be delievered because his mailbox is full. Probably he's no longer active in MassDownloader development.
Alexander Bednyakov 08/16/2010 06:54 am

Thank you for writing us.
Could you please provide us with the link of this problem download for a test?

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
naaloh 08/16/2010 09:55 am

Contains a single file whose real size is 3657793692, but displayed as -637173604 bytes by MassDownloader.
Alexander Bednyakov 08/17/2010 09:24 am
Thank you for the link!

Alexander Bednyakov 08/18/2010 07:57 am

Could you please test the updated build?
The link is: http://www.metaproducts.com/files/Massdown.zip

Please unpack it to the Mass Downloader disk folder.
Please write me about the result. Thank you.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
naaloh 08/19/2010 04:05 am
Not only it still displays size of large files incorrectly, but this "fixed" version has comletely lost the ability of previewing files on FTP :-[
Alexander Bednyakov 08/19/2010 04:32 am

I worked well in our yesterday tests. I just checked - it works now, both in FTP Passive mode and without it.
The nember of build I am talking about is, please confirm.
Please send me links you have problems with. It works perfect for ftp://ftp.marsat.ru/MOPS/MOPS_DVD_Image.rar.

naaloh 08/19/2010 09:09 am
I confirm that it's After I deleted the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MetaProducts\Mass Downloader" registry key to reset all preferences it managed to preview ftp://ftp.marsat.ru/MOPS/MOPS_DVD_Image.rar, displaying the size correctly. However the total size of files selected for download which is shown at the bottom of the preview window is still displayed incorrectly (in case of that archive it says "1 file(s) selected for download, total size is -1554826609").

Also when I tried to preview an archive containing a file over 4GB over HTTP, it still displayed its size incorrectly (244908033 instead of 4539875328). I can't give you a direct link because the file is located on a filesharing service. You can get it yourself if you go to http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JSY1ZHBE
Bernd 08/21/2010 08:04 pm
build number ist ok, MD shows me as download 2613.20 M, inside 3488.34 M (nrg file)

os= win7/32bit german

naaloh 09/02/2010 02:41 pm
Alexander Bednyakov, is anything going to be done about this?
Alexander 09/17/2010 08:09 am

Please excuse us for the delay - it was the vacation period.
Could you please test the build from: http://www.metaproducts.com/files/Massdown.zip ?
Please write us about the result. Thank you.

Best regards,
naaloh 09/18/2010 08:07 am
Seems to work correctly with the sample archive now... I do hope that the new limit of correctly displayed size is not 8 GB, but a bit more. After all RAR supports files up to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 bytes (8,589,934,591 GB), so I don't see a point of being exactly one step ahead of the largest encountered file :-))