Adding downloads causes rewrites to the screen, which cost me time.

06/15/2010 04:38 pm
When adding a download to Mass Downloader (MD) from the "Create New Project" dialog, MD seems to rewrite the screen each time I add a download. MD also seems to be modifying the queue rank at the same time, rewrites the screen, resort, etc. I have a lot of files in my queue, and the re-writes (or whatever MD is doing) takes a lot of time. Sometimes I'm trying to add 30 individual downloads, and that could mean it taking me 30+ seconds to add files to the queue.

I'd prefer MD to add the files to the end of the queue, and not resort/rewrite/refresh.

06/30/2010 06:55 am

Please excuse me for the delay.

We are trying to improve this in the next build.
In the meantime you can change the sort column.
Also, you can change the Mass Downloader Options | Download | Startup | "When download completes, start the next Project using" to "Download Priority position". This will make Mass Downloader not updating the queue position every time you add the new Project.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff