I said to dl 2 files, but it dl's 8 or more !!!!!

05/06/2010 04:22 pm

I have limited the dl to TWO at a time.

Sometimes the que is 20 or more files.

Sometimes I want to ALSO download the 13 file in the list IMMEDIATELY.

So, while it is doing what I told MD to do, (two are started), I force the
file I want immediatly to begin.

Then, WHAMMO, as soon as this third file finishes, MD begins to download
3, then 4, then 5, then 6, then 7; and even sometimes more.

Please and kindly tell me why this happens and what I should do !!!!!

Thanx in advance,


05/07/2010 01:22 am

Thank you for writing us.
If you do not want Mass Downloader starts files in the Queue automatically, please select these files, right-click them and select Queue | Set Paused popup menu item.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
05/07/2010 05:18 am
I think I know what he mean as I encounter this from time to time.

Download - Startup - Max Active Downloads: 2

However, as he mentioned, it starts to download more than that at a time (if the user forces it that's one thing, but I mean by itself). Max I have encountered that way is 16 active downloads, although the config said 2.

In the statusbar it also says that it is 2 active projects, although it really downloads more (with all downloading and displaying properly).

It is most often encountered when a download should start but for some reason it _mostly_ fail.
I say mostly because it really does start, but only the graph for that file (not even the percentage in front of it is updated) is updated in the listview.
When displaying progress view for that file, only a single connection is active (even if more is specified).

Another time it may happen is if it only downloads 200KB from that file, then skips the file with either moving it to the end of the queue, or displaying an X.
06/02/2010 02:02 am
hello i also faced the same but in a different manner . my issue is i had fixed the threads in the download manager for megaupload file server which doesnot accept more than 23 threads

i know its not required but in order to utlilize my isp bandwith alloted to me i had to use other wise the speed seems to be too fluctating resulting in delayed download .

i had fixed the download project 1 at a time and i use to download the files by scheduling them . i dont use the internal schduler as it might or might not work correctly

so what i did is to set the download accelerator to start downloading immediatley when the md starts which i queued

i use external software which could open and close programs exe file at specified time

every day at 2.15 am the scheduler starts the programs and it end at 8am . which was free time for me

the download some times do one other time it do 2 at a time .

as i told megaupload doesnt accept more than 23 threads and i had fiixed it in the site manager so what happens is one file download at 23 thread and other at 1 thread at 10-20kb/s while the other 200 kb/s

its wierd that i cant fix this at any cost . its keep on mixing the download project
06/02/2010 03:25 am

Thank you for writing us.
Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce this problem at our test systems. It seems we do something the other way.

Could you please help?
Please, describe the sequence of actions to reproduce the problem. Thank you!

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff

06/05/2010 10:09 pm
as i said its hard to understand when it is happening

i first scheduled download at 2 am every morning . the software is 3rd party software i dont use the inbuilt scheduler for convinience .

secondly i use megaupload file server to download my bandwith is 2mpbs so i get arround 220kb/s max

it will fluctuate at 180-220 randomly at some times no matter . i can download arround 4gb/day in 5.30 hours

as i schedule i had to put the megaupload in the site manager and restrict or set to 23 thread

i know its high but if i am not using the max thread allowed by megaupload then my download speed will keep on fluctuating more and more

so its 23 fixed when ever i import from a file it works like that

it download some times when i see in the morning after 7 am starting 2 files at a time i had to manually stop one of them or i had to remove all the queue and set it back

it happens suddenly out of control issue

i dont know while i am writing a 700 mb file became lost connection or something it disconnetcs and started the queue

i saw its incomplete at 500 mb so i requeued to 2 nd it started the file from the begining

sometimes this is also not accpetable what happens to the resume option
06/15/2010 04:22 pm
I have the same problem.

What I notice is the download limit works as expected for a short time. But after hours, I come back to find Mass Downloader (MD) downloading more files beyond the limit I have set in the options. Mine is set to 3 files, and it is now downloading 11 files.

This might be caused because of:
I have 150 files in the queue.
Mass Downloader has been downloading for 12+ hours.
As MD is downloading files, I keep adding more files to the queue (I make sure I didn't click the "Start" button in the Project window...I click "OK", which I assume is to queue).

Another odd behavior is that MD isn't completing some of the other downloads, stops them, puts them at the end of the queue, and then starts new downloads. So now I have a bunch of partial downloads, all from the same site, and placed at the end of the queue. And no, there's nothing wrong the partial downloads. I can manually start the download and it will be placed at the top of the queue and download successfully.

If more information is needed, I'm happy to provide you with information.

06/16/2010 02:58 am
Modenath, Jake,

Thank you for the details.
We will make tests with several hundreds of files and try to catch the cause of this problem.

Jake, regarding incomplete files in the end of the queue - please increase the number of download attempts (in the Options dialog, Internet | Connections section, "Limit number of retries" parameter) to 50. Then please test your downloads and write me about the result. Thank you!

01/20/2011 03:06 am
Hey, here we are now in 2011 !!!!!

Happy New Year !!!!

It seems that your last response by Alexander was not replied to.
He asked you to move it up to 50 retries.

Well, I did just that and even today, January 19, 2011 my MD is STILL the same as back in June.

I do now believe that the magic number of files qued to be between 20 and 30 when this issue happens.

I ABSOLUTELY CONCURR (EVEN YESTERDAY) that I STILL see MD simply drops a partial download, shoves it to the END of the que (i.e. from 1 or 2 to 72 in this case!) but yet carries on with the rest of the que and rightly correctly too.

Jake, this REALLY DOES cheese me off when I fully expect that the first "X" number have files have finished d'laoding and I go back to the computer to library my files; to find that ONE of the files was shoved to the end of the que: so I manually restart that one file and I have no alternative but to sit there and babysit MD 'till it's done and I can carry on.

Yup, like I said, "cheese me off", but I STILL WOULD NOT give up MD for ANY OTHER product !!!!!!!!!!!

I REALLY MEAN THAT, MD simply does what it's SUPPOSED TO DO (by the time all my files finish!) and I can ASSURE YOU THAT I EVEN WENT TO THE EXTREME OF BUYING "INTERNET DOWNLOAD MANAGER" to try it out.


Nope, MD is a HUGE advancement AHEAD of ANY of the competition out there.

Follow my lead Jake, STAY WITH MD and don't waste the money I did when I paid for IDM !!!!

My "cheese off" is actually acceptable and MORE than made up for by EVERY OTHER SINGLE FEATURE OF THE SOFTWARE !!!!!


Mass Downloader, cripes I can't believe I just endorsed and stuck up so strongly for this program.


Sorry for writin' a volume here Jake, but "I just gotsta' say what I gotsta' say" !!!!!!!!!


08/27/2011 03:29 pm

hmmmmmmm........ a NEW possible reason !!!!!!!!!!!!

at least for today, Mass Downloader has done the same thing AGAIN !!!!

I set it to TWO files at a time, all of a sudden, MANY are downlaoding.

AGAIN, trying to be aware as to why this happens, I DID NOTE ONE THING;

Mass Downloader only did this when it had downloaded several files from
one source (filesonic) then it began to download from another source (wupload)
and it JUST WENT NUTS and began to download NINE FILES AT ONECE.

So, how about a question for Alexander.

Have others reported the same scenario?

I haven't had Mass downloader go astray on me while downloadeing from a single
source in a while now.

Anyway, an observation that I would appreciate feedback from more users.




08/28/2011 02:30 am

Thank you for the report.
Could you please tell me what do you have in the Tools | Site manager dialog?

08/28/2011 05:19 pm

you betcha Alexander,

all sites listed, all set to unlimited with the exception of filesonic, that one I limit to NINE with no prob