massdownloader - saving passwords with userid's

alan chow
11/21/2009 02:58 pm
massdownloader allows a list of userids to be saved. where or how can i save the password for each userid?
11/23/2009 05:50 am
What do you mean? Please explain.
The Mass Downloader internal Password Manager automatically assigns the password to corresponding Userid (requests it from the user).

MP Staff.
alan chow
11/23/2009 03:18 pm
i'm trying version 3.5, and i'm having a problem with passwords in the site manager.
no matter what i code in the password (after entering all data for a site (, the password is being changed to something else when i add a download project for the site.

i do the following

1. select either a single url or multiple urls for a download and copy to the clipboard
2. switch to massdownloader and select paste
3. the add project screen appears (with 'properties dialog' in the selection textbox)
4. i press the download button and the create new projects window come up
5. when i select the password option, it shows me the correct logon but not the correct password
6. if i select start or ok, the urls are added to the download queue, but when i try to download, the wrong password is sent to the site and add downloads fail. i have to reenter the correct password in the properties dialog and redownload the files.

how can i get the correct site passwords to be passed to the download site?

i'm running xp corp sp3.
11/24/2009 04:47 am
The latest version of Mass Downloader is 3.8. Please download the latest build from:
Please install it over the existing version. Set the correct passwords to the Site Manager.
Please write about the result.

MP Staff.
alan chow
11/26/2009 11:21 am
almost works :(
there's still a problem in that when i paste a list if down loads, only the first entry has the correct download directory. the rest of the list has the default download directory.
11/27/2009 07:52 am
I wrote you an e-mail.

MP Staff.
alan chow
11/28/2009 02:39 pm
didn't get the message. could you please resend, i turned off my spam settings in case that caused it.
08/17/2010 07:50 am
did you can please to send me a password to?

my email