Problems occurred when downloading .asf file

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Steven 11/19/2009 10:18 pm
When I download a .asf file such as:

The first downloaded video usually doesn't have sound and requires me to download it for a second time to solve the problem. But when the sound is OK the video can't be forwarded. This kind of problems do not occur when using other downloading software. Would you please have a look at it? (Take the above link for example).
AlexanderBa 11/23/2009 09:23 am
I just made several attempts to download this file. It is played without problem.
What version of Mass Downloader do you use? You can download the latest one from:

MP Staff.
Steven 11/27/2009 01:59 am
I'm already using the latest 3.8 version of it. Are you sure the video downloaded can also be fast-forwarded?
AlexanderBa 11/27/2009 07:56 am
Could you please tell me what another downloading software do you use? What player can fast-forward this video?

MP Staff.
Steven 11/27/2009 08:14 am
The other download software is:

and the player:

but I suppose any player can forward it as long as we use the download software above mentioned.
Steven 12/24/2009 06:48 am
Any idea?
Alexander 12/24/2009 09:13 am
Unfortunately, no.