Using Mass Downloader under restricted user account

10/25/2009 04:52 pm
Hello! I use Windows Vista SP2 and Mass Downloader 3.7.808 SR1 and I have problem with Mass Downloader click monitoring in Internet Explorer.
Usually I work in Vista under account without administrative rights. When I install Mass Downloader, it successfully integrate in Internet Explorer context menu. Now Mass Downloader successfully start download when I right click on file link and select "+Mass Downloader: download this file".
But when I simple click on link, Mass Downloader not catch click, and Internet Explorer start his own download.
However under administrator account Mass Downloader work well in both cases. How I can resolve this problem and let Mass Downloader monitor browser click under account without administrative rights?
10/26/2009 05:47 am
I've just tested MSIE integration in Vista. It works properly.
Could you please do the following steps:
1. Download Mass Downloader from:
Install it over the existing version to be sure that you have the latest update.
2. Launch Mass Downloader under Administrator. Go to the Tools | Options | Integation | Browsers. Please uncheck the MS Internet Explorer checkbox. Click the Apply button. Check the MS Internet Explorer checkbox again. Click the OK button.
Please write about the result.
Thank you.

MP Staff.
10/28/2009 02:01 pm
I do all as you explain. Unfortunately it does not work for me. As before, under Administrator account Mass Downloader work fine, but under non-administrator it does not catch clicks in MSIE.
10/29/2009 03:31 am
I've just written you an e-mail. Please follow the instructions there.

MP Staff.