MD sometimes fail to write the last datablock.

Jan M
09/11/2009 08:36 am
Hello.. I''m using 3.7.808 SR1

This has happened to me twice that I know of.
It seems MD sometimes "forgets" to write the last datablock of a file..
The file ends up the correct filesize etc, but the end contains hex 00 (I haven''t measured how long) instead of the proper data.
When it happens, the end of the file seems to contain part (or whole) of the url I was downloading.
It seems to always be the last block when it happens, I''ve haven''t encountered a file which was corrupt in the middle.

I''m not really sure on how to reproduce it because downloading the same file again results in a correct file.
I''ve thought about running with logging, but I think it can take weeks between when it happens.

Oh, and for some reason, on occation MD stops downloading a file at 200KB and the file needs to be started again to be downloaded.
I first thought it was limited to a single domain, but it has happened on other sites too, such as
the file

09/16/2009 05:45 am
Nevertheless could you please make the download log? I couldn''t reproduce the problem too.

MP Staff.
11/18/2009 01:31 am
I haven't been able to make a proper log with anything resembling usable information..
However, it just happened again. Based on the information below it has read/written everything but 2822 bytes (Size-BytesRead).

This time the project is listed as 100% complete, but the file hasn't been renamed yet (it still has the .mass extension), and the end of the file contains the same garbage (I have anonymized it a bit):


I tried to import the file, but MD tells me it doesn't contain resume information.
When this happens there is currently no way other than redownloading the whole file (678 MB compared to 2822 bytes) even though the server supports resume.

The only difference between this time and the previous is that the file still has the .mass extension.
In the previous one the file was renamed, but still contained the garbage at the end rather than the data it should contain.
11/18/2009 05:32 am
Unfortunately, we cannot solve the problem without log.
For making the log please check all settings under the Log tab in the Project properties dialog for the selected project. Start downloading. After it is done, if this error appeared, right-click in the Log view window and select "Save to file" item from the pop-up menu. Save file, pack it using WinZip or etc program and email it to as attachment.