Hard Disk activity exccessive?

Josh P
01/29/2009 03:09 am
Using MD 3.6.759 on a winxp home system.
With a fairly recent hdd, completely defragmented and core 2 duo system I''ve noticed that when MD is running there is a lot of hard disk activity or trashing going on, almost like constant writing and reading back and forth just like when a defragmenter program is running.

I''ve used quite a lot of downloaders so far the MD I like the best, it''ll be a shame to get rid of it just because of this issue, please let me know how to fix it.
Btw, open threads per download is 5 and everything else is set on default. Speed is max 600kb/s - other programs that download at the same speed even with multiple threads are whisper quiet with the hdd, well occasional hdd activity on every 10 sec or so but not constant.

Thank you!
02/19/2009 01:20 am
Josh P,

Please excuse us for the answer delay.
We are optimizing this part of Mass Downloader now. The new beta version will be released shortly, in a week or so.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff