Any progress?!?!

Wez G
12/24/2008 12:25 pm
I am am pretty annoyed, already having paid for Mass Downloader (When it was working better!) and now I cannot leave my computer alone for lengthy periods of time with a long download list, which takes ages now to actually put the info in, as when you have more than a couple of files already added it becomes unbearably slow.
I would think this would be pretty high up on the problem list, as its pretty serious not just a cosmetic problem.
I have had some things I need to download for a while hoping that a fix will be coming out, but we''ve not been been kept up to date about the progress.

Even if a new version is going to released soon can you please allow access to the older versions of Mass Downloader, before the slowdown problem became so bad, as I would rather not use the site manager and be able to leave my computer and have everything download successfully.
12/25/2008 08:15 am
Wez G
We just finished to develop a very time-consuming feature. Now all my time will be dedicated to solving of problems reported.