New version - 3.6.759

11/07/2008 02:36 am
Wez G,

Thank you for your kind words! :-)
Regarding setuo file names - unfortunately, this is hard to change - we have a lot of direct links (from software archives, partner sites, etc) from internet pointing to the mdsetup.exe. If we change this name all these links will be brocken. Also, the site publishing system is coded this way. I''m sorry, this cannot be changed now.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
11/08/2008 06:31 am
Wez G, to distinguish which is which, simply right-click the setup file, choose "Properties" in the context menu, and switch to the "Version" tab in the newly opened window. Or better still, just point your mouse cursor to the setup file, wait until the hint pops up and read what''s displayed next to "File Version:". :-]
Wez G
11/08/2008 01:46 pm
No worries! Not really a problem, just me being picky!
11/10/2008 02:42 am