Fix Req: When adding previously loaded URL

John Adams
10/12/2008 03:18 am
When I add a list of URLs of which some of the items in the list already exists in Mass Downloader, a prompt comes up asking if I still want to download an existing URL.

When I click on "Do not ask me again", the "No" button gets grayed out.

It would be very helpful to have the No button ungrayed and have MD answer No to all prompts, adding only the URLS that do not previously exist.
10/13/2008 07:02 am
John Adams,

Thank you for writing us.

In this case (Mass Downloader auto replies this confirmation with the "No" answer) the program will ignore all tries to add the existing link without letting you know the reason.

Someone may forget that he switched this auto answer ON. He will become upset - the program ignores his tries to add the link.

We discussed this situation and decided not to allow selecting of the "No" reply for this auto answer.

If you do have any advice on how to fix this logical problem, please write us. Thank you!

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
John Adams
10/14/2008 11:11 am
Hi Alexander,

Yes, how about giving power users an option to do so via the Options->Advanced->Confirmations screen. You can have a checkbox below the "When adding previously loaded URL" option that says "Automatically answer No". That way, normal users won''t see a difference or make mistakes where else power users would be able to influence how the confirmations work via the Advanced option screen.

Also I just want to say you guys are doing great work and I appreciate it. Mass Downloader is the best download manager I''ve used so far and am recommending others to use. Flashget was good 5 years ago but it deteriorated with each new version (the latest v2.0 had spyware, bloat and awful spelling mistakes). The most significant factor in its decline is that their user support / forums were neglected.

You''re on the right track sir, keep making it happen! :)
10/17/2008 03:31 am
Thank you for your kind words! :-)

We discussed this point and found the solution - Mass Downloader will show the notification popup baloon when it autoanswers "No" to this confirmation.

John Adams
10/17/2008 08:52 am
Thanks Alexander!