I can''t Paste Any text to Download Folder

09/27/2008 02:49 pm
Hi Alexander
When I tried to Download a file.
I copy a text from the web to clipboard befor that to rename the folder that i will save the file in it.
but unfortunately i could not paste to folder i which to rename, that when (save to dialog) appear.
That happened only with a lot of folder rote & with Arabic names!!!
Mass Download 3.5 SP1 with Vista Ultimate & Firefox 3

Plz consider my problem....
10/02/2008 02:28 am
Could you please send me an example of such problem text?
Please launch Notepad, try to paste the text to it, save it to the text file and send to support@metaproducts.com as attachment.
Thank you.
10/02/2008 04:13 am
Thanks Alexander
I send to the text file (An example of such problem text.txt)
i hope the support teem can figure out the problem....
Plz remember:
That happened only with a lot of folder rote & with Arabic names!!!
thanks again
10/03/2008 05:46 am
Plz watch this clip:
10/24/2008 03:29 am
Could you please try to turn off the Clipboard monitoring? To do this please right click the Mass Downloader icon in the system tray and untick the Monitor Clipboard item. Please write about the result.