Conflicts with ZoneAlarm''s ForceField

Louis Hazard
09/12/2008 07:10 pm
I recently installed ZoneAlarm''s ForceField and now have a conflict with Mass Downloader. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this and has any additional workarounds then simply turning ForceField off.

The actual conflict is this....

When I am adding a link for download using the "copy link location" (I am using Firefox 3 by the way), it adds the download to Mass Downloader without any problems. If I use the Mass Downloader "Download this link" (or "download all") ForceField starts a "protected" version of Mass Downloader which interferes with the "non-protected" version I am already running. If I am downloading a single file then it is a simple fix to choose "copy link location" rather than the actual Mass Downloader option. The problem is that I can no longer use the "download all" option unless I turn ForceField off. I am also going to contact ZoneAlarm about this, but I thought I would ask if anyone here has experienced the same problem(s). (I do not see it as something MetaProducts is responsible for, by the way. Apart from this conflict I am very satisfied with the ever evolving Mass Downloader. (I''d dump ForceField before I''d get rid of Downloader!!)

Any assistance will be deeply appreciated,

09/13/2008 09:04 am
Louis Hazard,

Thank you for writing us.
I forwarded your message to the developer, he will test Mass Downloader with this environment.

MetaProducts Staff
09/18/2008 08:49 am
ZoneAlarm places your Internet Explorer to the protected mode. Thus when Internet Explorer launches Mass Downloader from inside it cannot overcome this defence. The simply way to resolve problem is to check off the "Enable virtualization" checkbox on the Advanced page of ZoneAlarm settings. Please note that this decrease the ZoneAlarm advanced security level.