questions about license

08/02/2008 10:00 am
Hi, I would like to ask if once you buy the product you''ll be able to get any future updates for free. I''ve seen a comment of a customer that says he bought it im 2001 and is still receiving updates.

Another question is that in my home I hve two computers.Could I use the same license in both of them? I use both of them, so I think it is not fair to pay two times for only one user.

The last question is that if I format my computer, wil I be able to reinstall the license without any problems? I format my system several times per year and I wouldn''t like to contact the support each time.

Thanks for your time.

08/05/2008 01:37 am

Thank you for writing us.
The Mass Downloader license is for 1 Computer/User installation. So, if you are the only user of your two computers, you can install Mass Downloader on both ones.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff