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Wez G
07/25/2008 12:02 pm
I have emailed a few times and had a really quick response each time, which is brilliant - I had emailed asking if the thread limit would allow me to just download 1 file instead of several with 1 part per file, answer was quick and basically yes!!
I thought I should post this question here so it might help other people too!
I have used Mass Downloader (Registered) to download from Rapidshare(.com) with no problems for ages, I usually put my username/pass in the ''default project properties'' and it works great, but today I have tried using the site manager and for some reason it downloads a small file, which usually happens if the file is not there or my account has run out (Or password is wrong), I tried looking in the help file to see how I should set it out but it doesnt mention anything at the moment.
I have tried using putting and in the site manager but it doesnt make any difference, when some things I was downloading now stopped working I noticed in the properties it said the site manager had changed the settings, but then the file would not download, so I deleted the site in site manager and just had it in the default settings and its working for now!
Also I did remove the username and password from default properties when I first tried the site manager!
One other thing, possibly a little bug - I know I go on a bit/lot! :D When you first add something to site manager and click apply it adds it to the list, then again when you press ok!
07/26/2008 06:18 am
Wez G, I have exactly the same problems with Mass Downloader.

Site manager doesn''t work. Anything you enter on it will not work when downloading files. The only working way is to enter the account information in the properties window when downloading.

I''ve also noticed the bug of double adding information in the site manager when clicking on Apply and Add.

This feature should be fixed as soon as possible.
Wez G
07/26/2008 03:57 pm
For me I have only had the problem on Rapidshare, as every other site I use does not require a password.
I added my Rapidshare info to the site manager like I did previously in default project properties (I had removed it when trying this) and tried to add some files to download, instead of downloading the file I got a small file - which I have got before if I hadn''t put my password in or the link was wrong.
So I could download the file I added the details back to default project properties and re-added the files, it still would not download, so I opened the file properties and it said that site manager was changing the settings (Or something similar) as I forgot to remove Rapidshare from the site manager, I removed it and re-added the files and it went fine!
Thanks for the quick response and if there is any other info you need from me just let me know!
07/28/2008 02:28 am
Thank you for your details.
I forwarded your message to the Site Manager developer. This will be his first priority on return.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
07/31/2008 05:04 am
Hi, I think it doesn''t work with any site. I''ve tried rapidshare and megaupload (premium accounts) and doesn''t work with any of them.
07/31/2008 07:58 am

Thank you for information.

08/05/2008 04:47 am
> Hi, I think it doesn''''''''t work with any site. I''''''''ve tried rapidshare and megaupload (premium accounts) and doesn''''''''t work with any of them.

Could you please test the new version of Mass Downloader? You can download it from:
Please write about the result.
Wez G
08/08/2008 12:39 pm
Is this version different to 3.5.740?
08/08/2008 01:12 pm
Yes, this is the updated build.

Wez G
08/08/2008 01:18 pm
Thanks for getting it up so quick!
Well from what I have tried if you put the site as "" it works for some files but not at all using
What actually happened is when I pressed New and added a file like that and it worked, but when I added a few files using Paste it did not use the login data for the first file, but did for the files after that, also the box saying the site manager had changed the properties did not appear for the first file downloaded from the pasted links.
Also the bug adding 2 sites to the Site Manager list seems to have been fixed, this was the one adding the new site (Maybe only first on the list) twice, once pressing Apply and again pressing OK.

Thanks for the quick response and the continually great service!
08/08/2008 02:24 pm
Thank you for your feedback.
I forwarded it to the developer. He will fix the rest of bugs.

08/11/2008 07:45 am
Could you please test the new build?
Please write about the result.
Wez G
08/12/2008 09:04 am
Absolutely spot on mate! Working great for Rapidshare :D

One little thing though - don''t want to be a pest lol, its only cosmetic! - I un-installed before installing this version and when I was setting things up how I like them I messed up the columns with all the download info on (File name, time started/finished etc.) so I clicked default and all of the values went really odd and things were really big, also the first box (Priority box) only appeared when I clicked default and did not have a name.
Thanks once again for keeping the best download software around running great!