NAD / MD Improvement Proposals

Pavel Tsvetkov
03/28/2008 09:54 am
I am a great fan of Net Activity Diagram and Mass Downloader (and I own both). I have tried a number of other products (both diagrams and downloaders) and I believe that your products are currently the best tools on the market.

However, I have also noticed a few of their current shortcomings and therefore would like to help you make these products better.

Possible bugs of Net Activity Diagram 2.4.339:

1. When Windows XP PRO SP2 gets closed unexpectedly (as a result of a power failure or severe software incompatability) and the computer is restarted, Net Activity does start as required, however there is no tray icon and/ or diagram window. The latter has to be manually set up again through the "Diagram Properties" window!
2. There is something about the Diagram Window itself that I find illogical (maybe its just me): when the "X" sign is pressed (to close the window) a message appears asking whether I want to close Net Activity Diagram. Why would I want that? I think it would be better if the "X" sign acted just as a "window-close-to-tray" button. This should be its default action.

Possible bugs of Mass Downloader v3.3 SR2:

1. While are Default Project Properties "hidden" under the "File" menu - why cannot they be accessed under "Options" (their default location in almost all other download managers)?
2. Most downloads usually have strange names and I like changing those names to something more logical before the download starts. However, when I change the name in the "Save as" dialogue, for some reason the file extension is lost and a file that, say, was called by its producer fd.exe and I change to "fast download" in the "Save as" dialogue, is finally saved as "fast download" without the .exe - part. Why cannot the extension be retained automatically?

Best regards,

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(Pavel Tsvetkov)
03/28/2008 10:56 am

Thank you for writing us.
Did you receive my reply to your email?
I replied a couple of days ago.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
Pavel Tsvetkov
03/28/2008 04:52 pm
Dear Alexander,

Thank you for your prompt reply! Unfortunately, I have not received
said email. Please, resend if possible, or post an answer here.

Yours sincerely,

Pavel Tsvektov
03/31/2008 03:42 am

I re-sent the enail.