It doesn't rename the file correctly

03/04/2008 02:43 pm
Hi ,

When you are trying to download a file from sites like : FILEFACTORY , MEGAUPLOAD etc. ,

the link you are giving the program , doesn't contain any name , like :

after the program connects to the server , the server pass the information related to the link and the

download begins .

But unfortunately , the program ( MD ) doesn't save the final file , with its real name !

for example , the link given above , contain file name : "" but the program saves it like "download.dat"

how can we solve this problem .

best regards .
03/05/2008 05:36 am

Could you please send us the detailed downloading log of one of these problem downloads?

For making the log please check all settings under the Log tab in the Project properties dialog for the selected project. Start downloading. After it is done, if this error appeared, right-click in the Log view window and select "Save to file" item from the pop-up menu. Save file, pack it using WinZip or etc program and email it to as attachment with a short description.

Thank you!