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suishenwanban 01/26/2008 12:58 pm
Could you tell me whether your products Mass Downloader supports the plan of the traditional chinese edition?
If have, I can help you to offer the translation.
Alexander 01/26/2008 02:32 pm

Thank you for writing us.
Mass Downloader has the Simplified Chinese translation. Could you please check it it needs any improvements? You can download Mass Downloader using links in the header of this forum page.

Alexander Bednyakov
MetaProducts Staff
suishenwanban 01/27/2008 03:17 am
Traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese are different.
I only see Mass Downloade supports the simplified Chinese.
If you plan to support Traditional Chinese language, I need to translate it again.
Alexander 01/28/2008 04:02 am
Yes, please.
You can open the Simplified Chinese language file in Notepad.exe and edit it. Then please save it with the other filename to the Mass Downloader disk folder ("C:\Program Files\Mass Downloader\" by default.)
Run Mass Downloader, go to the View | Language main menu entry and select your translation to check. You may want to translate small part first - to check how it goes and then complete the whole file.
Then please send the translated file to me. We will provide you with the free product registration for your help.

suishenwanban 01/28/2008 11:59 am
How do I send the file to you? Here?
Alexander 01/28/2008 02:03 pm
Please use the email address.