Problem on vista

Paolo Ponzano
08/21/2007 08:41 am
I've just installed this tool on vista (I've got 1 user license), when I click on a link from firefox it opens MassDownloader than asks me to save the file, then the program crashes. I've got the latest version on the web site and also the last plugin for firefox, any suggestion?
08/21/2007 09:08 am
Paolo Ponzano,

Thank you for writing us.
Could you please try to start Mass Downloader manually? Will it crash?

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
Paolo Ponzano
08/21/2007 09:12 am
I've started it manually and clicked on "New" button, added the link, and in that way it works

08/21/2007 09:25 am
Please keep it running and repeat your test with FireFox integration plug-in. Please write me about the result. Thank you.

Paolo Ponzano
08/21/2007 09:31 am
nothing to do, always got the same problem......
08/22/2007 08:38 am
Could you please download and install the logged version?
You can get it here:
Please install it, then go to the Windows Start button menu, Run dialog. Type:

massdown.exe /L

and click the OK button. This will run Mass Downloader in the logging mode. Go to your FireFox and try to download any file using Mass Downloader. When the error appears, do not click any button of the message box (if any,) go to the Windows Start button menu, Run dialog again, type (or copy/paste):

notepad %temp%\md.log

and click the OK button. This will open the Mass Downloader log file in the Notepad editor. Please save the log file to disk, attach it to email message and send it to with the "Mass Downloader Log file" subject line.

Thank you for your help!
Paolo Ponzano
08/22/2007 08:41 am
hi Alexander, this morning I tried on Vista with IE7, I've got the same problem, this evening I'll try your beta,thanks