asf/wmv streaming video problems

Mark Tolman
12/28/2006 04:20 pm
I have Mass Downloader 3.2 Vista Compatible, and for the most part it works really well. I have noticed a couple serious problems downloading streaming asf/wmv video files.

When the file on the server has been encoded with multiple video streams and I try to download the video, I've noticed the following:

The file size on the server includes ALL the video streams, however I am only able to download one video stream at a time, so the file size, download map, progress view, time "read", etc. are all reported incorrectly by Mass Downloader. This also results in the file being "Completed" even though MD says I've only downloaded about 55%. I should note that the server also seems to be sending the file via streaming http instead of rtsp (see my other posting).

If I allow the download to complete, the asf header is either lost or corrupted, and the file is not playable. If I manually stop the download, the file is playable. I run it through asfbin to correct the length and indexes. The log clearly shows the header being downloaded (Content-Type: application/, so I'm not sure what happens to it. Since the header sent from the server has the full length of the video, and may also include pointers to the other video streams, which were not downloaded, it needs to be corrected for things like "seeking" to work, but it will still play.

And lastly, I have MD setup to use more than one thread since I've got lots of bandwidth, but it always closes them before starting the actual download. This is because I have to use the Firefox context menu to start the download because the server requires session cookies to authenticate my login. If I copy and paste the mms:// address into MD, it sends the IE cookies instead of the Firefox ones and the download fails. Since the first file I download is the .asx file, which is VERY small, MassDownloader kills the threads.

I would like it if I could tell MassDownloader that my default browser is actually Firefox.

I would also love it if the threads were not killed right away, or if new ones could be created when the download of the links parsed from the asx file is started. Since asx and smil files usually mean a streaming download is desired, how about you just skip the thread killing code for those files extensions and mime types?

Thank You!!!!
Mark Tolman
12/29/2006 12:48 am
Mark Tolman,

Thank you for your feedback.
We need the link for test. Could you please send it to us?

03/08/2007 09:41 pm
> Mark Tolman,
> Thank you for your feedback.
> We need the link for test. Could you please send it to us?
> Regards,
> Alexander

same problem with wma.

you can test this to:

the wma file is downloaded, but wont work. WMP says that the file's extension and format don't match (that's downloading with MD) or that the file is unreadable (that's with OE).

it's not a problem with the site as flashget does the job properly (mms multi-threads!!). other download manager work fine too.

i have this problem only with Mass Downloader and Offline Explorer (i tried pro or enterprise editions).
just wont do the job.

another problem is that OE (pro or enterprise editions) doesnt use MD, even if i tell them to do so (properties-files filter...)

hope you can solve those problems. again other download manager work fine, so at least made it possible in OE to use any external download manager. i'm eager to pay for OE pro, but not for a Mass Downloader that seems less efficient than free download manager softwares (FDM, flashget).
at least give the option of using any external download manager in OE or give MD for free to purchasers of OE pro and enterprise.

thanks, hope the best for you
best regards
09/02/2007 04:35 am
I use Mass Downloader to download asf music, I hope it can add one sniffer, that if use browse, it can get all the stream link automationly, it should be very use for beignner.