Some other suggestions..

Henry Bai
12/20/2006 07:05 am
Other suggestions include..

Allow user to increase or Decrease the Nubmer of threads with a hotkey such as + and - or directly from right click menu somewhere!! Think this is quite important esp for users who like to take control themselves..

Other more minor ones are

1. WHen u drag a link to the DropBox, the referrer should include the webpage that it was dragged from?

2. Include mroe prominent sounds for Download started and completed
3. Include other User Agent Strings such as WinampMPEG etc. for streaming Downloads?
4. Put speed in KB/S instead of B/s? or let user choose which one?
5. Put Referer and UserAgent Ident String in the main New Download Dialog as they are used quite often?
6. Allow useer to choose what to do when he/she double clicks on an item? That is, for example, if he double click on it after it finished download --> Open Directory.. When he double click on it when downloading --> Pause.. etc. etc.
7. Check for update feature when a user right clicks on a file to see if the file is updated?

Since MD had not have any new features or updates in the past 1 year, I think its time for it to catch up with the competition?

Loking forward to a new version soon...


12/21/2006 08:15 am
Henry Bai,

Thank you very much for your suggestions.
We will discuss them and implement in the future versions.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff