Link Detection..

Henry Bai
12/20/2006 06:14 am
Hi.. I recently tried MD against other download accelerators and foudn soem bugs or features that could be added to amke MD a better product.. I believe MD will be one of the better Download Acclerators out there int he future as it is backed by a great computer who is open to suggestions and feedbacks and has great user suppot..
But again, I guess it needs to release new versions with new features every now and then to catch up with the competition..

Anyway, MD is unable to parse

referred from

when MOST other download accelerators are able to successfully parse..

That is, MD will download index.php while the rest of th downloaders are able to download the actual file.

12/20/2006 08:06 am
Henry Bai,

Thank you for writing us.
Do you have the Mass Downloader Options dialog, Integration | Browsers | "Retrieve file information from server" box checked?
I have this checked and when I right-click the problem link at this page and select "Mass Downloader: download this file" it offers to save the AutoPatcher_XP_Nov06_ENU_Full.exe file.
Could you please check and write me about the result? Thank you!

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
01/01/2007 12:07 pm
It works quite nicely here..

However, about this retrieve file information thingy.. I would like it to not use its own dialog while retrieving the info, instead displaying the msg at the appropriate location in the list..

I would also wish for it to _try_ to retrieve info about all files pasted before starting download.

Lets say you paste 5 urls. Then it should get info about all 5, then start download as specified in the options.

This way one would get some indication of all files being present (and what size) before starting to download a set of files belonging to eachother.
01/12/2007 07:24 am

Please excuse me for the delay.
We plan to add this feature to the one of next versions of Mass Downloader.

Thank you,