Download gives up at about 1 percent

Nicholas Cosens
11/24/2006 10:40 pm
I'm not sure if the problem is with MD or the server I am trying to download from but this has occurred multiple times. I begin a download from GameSpot and the file starts downloading fine. But when about 1-5% of the file is downloaded, it gives up and says it is complete. This has happened for every file using every download program I have (browsers included). What happens is any of the HTTP# times out and reconnects to the server, then it displays:

"HTTP3 Read Transaction complete. Status: 307 Unknown."

The rest continue as if nothing happened until it happens to them too. On the Log View is says:

"HTTP3: Download complete. Status: 206 Partial Content."

First, I would like to know what these status numbers mean. Second, what's causing this.

Links and other important info:

You need a membership there to download it. This is just one of the few files I have tried to download from there.

I use a dial-up modem for my internet connection as everything else is not available (literally), but it is very fast with an average connection rate of 49.2 Kbps (49200 bits per second, or about 6 KB per second with the frequently occasional spike of 12 KB or higher).

If you need any more info, let me know.


Nicholas Cosens
11/27/2006 06:59 am
Nicholas Cosens,

Thank you for writing us.
The cause in in the server, obviously. The 307 error is not the standrd error code, so, the server uses it by its own inclear reason.

Sorry, but I cannot hlp you here. Please contact a server administrator to resolve this problem.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff