Firefox 2.0 and trouble downloading .exe files

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Erik Wandall 11/02/2006 02:33 pm

I have installed the new firefox 2.0 and when i am trying to download any file with the .exe extension then the download stops even when I deny the massdownloader to download and let the firefox do the job.
When I remove the metaproducts integration then I can download these files again.

Does any other have these problems. There was no problems with the Firefox 1.x


Alexander 11/03/2006 02:54 am
Erik Wandall,

Thank you for writing us.
Could you please download, install and test the updated MetaProducts Integration plug-in for FifeFox?
You can download it from:
Please write me about the result. Thank you.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
Erik Wandall 11/03/2006 11:25 am
Hi Alexander

The new plug-in was the solution. Now everything is working fine.

Thanks a lot

Alexander 11/03/2006 04:14 pm

I am glad to hear that your problem is solved.
Please feel free to contact usif you have any further question.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff