MD vs DE

09/23/2006 05:21 am
Hi Alexander
I have been using MD for quite some time. I actually started with DE and then bought MD.
My wifes PC has DE (free)
I had noticed that when downloading on my wifes PC that DE was very fast, much faster than MD on my PC (twice as fast)
My PC is very quick, my wifes is not.
So I did a series of tests on both PC's.
I have tested on IE6, FF 1.5 and Opera 9.
DE is twice as fast as MD (I set up both the same)
Obviously DE does not have the same advanced click monitering in Opera.
I now have DE (free) on both.
I have the latest of both MD & DE
I am a bit puzzled.

Win XP on both PC's
Plenty of RAM (1 GB)
Plenty of disk space.

09/25/2006 03:28 am

Thank you for writing us.
Mass Downloader and Download Express use ABSOLUTELY the same downloading core. Did you make your test simultaneously? I mean, did you start the download of the same file in MD and DE at one time? Do you have the same connection settings in MD and DE?

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff

09/27/2006 04:19 pm
Thanks your reply Alexander.
I did know that MD & DE used the same engine and that was why I was puzzled.
I did an uninstall/reinstall of MD again and this time left everything default.
Including the one thing I always changed before.
That is the default download location, and guess what.
Yup - now it is just as fast as DE.
I am still puzzled.
Scratching head??????????


ps. My reg. key puts in my old email address, is there any way to change this without a new key.

09/28/2006 03:33 am

Thank you for your feedback.
I am glad that your problem is solved. :-)
Regarding the old email in the registration key - please contact and ask to change it to the new one.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.