Is it possible to set cookies/formdata before download?

Jan Martin Pettersen
06/01/2006 01:57 pm
Hello.. I have a question which has been asked by someone else earlier (2004), some versions ago,
in addition to some followup questions:

Is it possible to set session cookies and post form data [using post], before download?

I've noticed that IE with integrated MD seems to do this, but is there any parameters or
something along the lines of OE one can do to specify those explicitly?

When OE sends files to MD, does MD inherit those from Offline Explorer?

If not, would it be possible to implement it (something in the same manner as one would specify
referer when calling MD from Opera, and the additional properties on the properties page)?

The reason I ask is that some pages seems to use cookies to verify that you are logged in
when trying to download, and fails, so instead one gets an errorpage telling that you must
be logged in to download.

Jan M
Jan Martin Pettersen
06/01/2006 02:14 pm
Just to specify one which seems to use this: (premium),
with the 'start immediatly' option set, i.e it can download instantly without
showing any download page first.

Not tested from within IE however.
Just Opera, or just pasting a link into MD.
Oleg Chernavin
06/05/2006 08:23 am
We improved integration with Offline Explorer Pro. The new version of it should be released soon.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Jan Martin Pettersen
06/14/2006 03:42 pm
> We improved integration with Offline Explorer Pro. The new version of it should be released soon.
I got OE and MD to work with rapidshare now (as mentioned above). Seems like one MUST log in via IExplorer to get those to
use the correct cookies, after that you can use whatever you'd like and OE and MD still does what it should (until the cookie goes missing).

Somewhat unlogical, but it works,
Jan Martin Pettersen
06/14/2006 03:59 pm
However, I would still wish for a propertyfield/commandlinesetting to set cookies/formdata as mentioned above.

This can also allow users to set cookies MD should use without first entering the page which sets the cookie with IExplorer and similar.
The reason is that MD seems to only use IE cookies.