Mass Downloader Feedback / Suggestions

04/17/2006 10:08 am
Hi Alexander

In my last post I said I was evaluating Mass Downloader but since I hadn't been using it for very long I couldn't give any real feedback just yet. Well now I'll had more time playing about with it and I've come up with the following comments. I don't know how open you are to public suggestions but I've outlined a few things which I feel would make a good product even better...

- Improve the program's ability to handle redirected links.

- 'Project List': Add the option to download just ONE project from the list (instead of automatically moving onto the next project in the queue). If this is already possible, I couldn't figure out how to do it.

- 'Project List': Add the option to right-click on a completed project (or set of projects) and scan for viruses.

- 'Project List': Add the option to right-click on a completed project (or set of projects) and move to a specified folder.

- 'Info view': include the referer URL for information purposes.

- 'Log View': retain logging data after restarting the program.

- 'Tools' -> 'FTP browser...': The FTP browser doesn't work with some sites, e.g

- 'Tools' -> 'Options...' -> 'Download' -> 'Startup': In addition to the option, 'Pause before the next project starts' which waits a specified time before moving onto the next project, also have the option to randomise the wait time, i.e. wait: 20 seconds, variance: +/- 8 seconds so the next download may start between 12 - 28 seconds. This will be particularly helpful when downloading from sites which keep logs to identify retrieval programs such as Mass Downloader.

- 'File' -> 'Import' -> 'Import URLs from file...': When importing URL's from a file, bring up the 'Mass Downloader add projects preview' window so only certain URL's can be selected to download. Also, referer links aren't created automatically and at the moment only ONE manual referer can be created for the entire list!

- Include the option to export URLs from the 'Project List'.

- Include profiles so instead of having to tweak the options for each occasion, profiles can simply be loaded and saved.

- 'Mass Downloader add projects preview' window: Personally, I think the filtering requires too many clicks. I would have one button which 'Selects / Deselects All' downloads in the list and another button acting as the Filter. As well as having the option to specify an extension (or set of extensions), it would be nice to include the option to add 'favorite' extensions to the list, i.e.

Close Download [De]Select All Filter Properties
------- ----------- ---------------- ----------- ----------
|.avi, .mpg

I also think it would be much better if you could click anywhere on the button instead of that tiny downward arrow to display the drop down menu associated with it.

- 'Mass Downloader Project Properties' window: Having accidently added the wrong files to download from the 'Mass Downloader add projects preview' window, instead of having to click cancel on each 'Project Properties' window that pops up, include the option to 'cancel all'.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to include an 'accept all' option either which would do away with the need for the 'Use the same properties for adding the rest of projects' dialog box that pops up.

A couple of small things:

- 'Speed Monitor': I'd like the option to change the speed monitor so it displays a line instead of bars.

- I'd like the option to change the font, font size and colours so I can easily identify when a project is paused, stopped, queued, downloading or completed.

I hope that wasn't too much, but I wanted to cover everything I could. Who knows, maybe some of it could even be useful in your development... ;).


04/17/2006 10:14 am
Well that completely messed up the formatting ;). For the 12th point, there should be 5 headings:

[De]Select All

...and the 'Specify...' column in supposed to represent a drop-down box that appears under 'Filter'.
04/18/2006 04:29 am

Thank you very much for such complete list of suggestions.
Some of them are already done in the developing version. Several suggestions have very good chances to be added before the 3.3 version release.

Thank you for your help.