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David 11/08/2005 04:18 pm
I have version 3.2.631 installed and whenever I select to download a file, another pop up panel appears over the top which has a phone connected by 2 computers and the words Status: and Last error: showing.
I can close this panel easily, but it never used to happen and it starts to become annoying, when it happens on every click.

Thanks for any help,
Alexander 11/09/2005 03:44 am

Thank you for writing us.
Please go to the Mass Downloader Options dialog, Internet | Dial Up section.
Please uncheck the "Enable Mass Downloader dialer" box and click the OK button.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
David 11/09/2005 10:52 am
Thanks for the reply, and answer to the pop up panel problem. But won`t this now stop me from being able to schedule downloads at a later time and have the program make my connection at that time?

Alexander 11/09/2005 01:59 pm
Could you please check if you have the Mass Downloader Options, Download | Startup | "Automatically start new downloads" box checked?

Please uncheck it and you can return your dial-up settings to the previous state.
Please write me about the result. Thank you!

David 11/09/2005 10:03 pm
I have tried what you suggest, but the pop up panel just comes back again as before, and I need to manually start the download.

Alexander 11/10/2005 03:06 am

Could you please describe the sequence of actions to reproduce this problem?
For example:
1. Your computer is already connected to Internet
2. You navigate to the Download page and click the download link
3. Mass Downloader intercepts this click and...
4. ...

David 11/20/2005 10:03 pm

Sorry Alexander for taking so long to get back to you, work has been a nightmare :)
Anyway I did the checking and unchecking as per the original suggestions (now back to how I originally had it) and I get no more pop up box. I don`t know why, but it seems to have been cured.

Thanks again,
Alexander 11/21/2005 04:13 am

Thank you for your feedback.
I am glad that your problem is solved.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.