Critical bug 3.2.623 Beta 1

09/24/2005 03:44 am
Version 3.2.623 Beta 1 bug still here , start download file when it begins lets say the speed is going ( 3 kb and high) quit it and bug
09/24/2005 03:45 am
quit without stoping download
09/24/2005 05:21 am

Thank you for your information.

| Alexander Bednyakov
| MetaProducts Corporation
09/26/2005 02:28 am

Could you please make the Mass Downloader log for us?
Please add the "/L" parameter to the MD command line:

1. Please open Windows Start button, Programs | Metaproducts Mass Downloader folder.
2. Right-click on the Mass Downloader shortcut and select Property item.
3. Please add "/L" to the end of Object line, for example:
"C:\Program Files\Mass Downloader\massdown.exe" /L
Then press Ok.

Please run Mass Downloader using this shortcut. When this error appears, please do not press Ok message.
Find and attach the file "c:\md.log" to the email message and send it to with a short description of the problem. Then
please click the error message`s Ok button and remove the "/L" parameter from
the command line.

Thank you for your help,