07/15/2005 09:30 am
OEP+MD are a great combination, but I think they would be improved greatly by the following :)

1. N.B. This is a real must when using MD+OEP together:

Add an option to MD_Tools_Options_Download_Startup dialog to have all projects sent to MD from OEP *NOT* start automatically (the existing options have no effect for OEP links auto sent to MD).

This would make it possible for OEP to download an entire website excluding the largest files (which are set to be downloaded by MD instead) as quickly as possible and when finished there would be a list of potentitally thousands of large files` urls in MD ready to download later at a more convenient time. Also this list can then easily be reviewed, sorted and edited by the user in MD to only download the files they want, rather than letting it download everything as they have to now which can take hours/days longer.

For large sites this means all the web pages and images can be viewed much much quicker and the user knows they only have to download the largest (e.g. pdf, music) files later when their internet connection is less likely to be busy (i.e. overnight).

2. Add easy/customiseable keyboard shortcuts to OEP to:

(a) View the project in IE/Firefox - clicking the mouse WHEEL button for this would be easiest,

(b) Explore the download directory of a project (like in MD) - at the moment it is very tedious having to manually navigate to the folder (and slow with 100-1,000`s of OEP projects running to 10-100`s of GBs). This is a much faster and simpler way to view/play folders full of images, music and videos than trying to manually navigate all the links in the saved website.

3. Add a FIND option (Control+F) to OEP for both the PROJECT and STARTING URL that works like MD`s History_Find option. Over time it is easy to build up a list of hundred`s of projects in OEP and it is VERY VERY slow and tedious to go straight to a project (whether to view it or just check properties or download statistics) or to check whether a site to download is in fact already in the list by manually scanning right through the Projects REPORT page every time.

4. Replicate the LIMIT CONNECTIONS option on the right-click menu of the Queue tab of the main screen on the on the PROJECTS tab right-click menu, so that it is much quicker and simpler to change this without the need to change tabs then choose from dropdown list box then right click on an entry then go back to the projects tab every time the user wants to adjust the limit - especially useful when running several projects at once that take many hours or days to complete whilst also trying to run new shorter projects.

5. Allow the user to customise the OEP project icons so it is easier to see which projects scattered throughout a long list haven`t been started or completed yet.

6. Add the DISK FREE SPACE LIMIT feature from OEP to MD so that especially when using OEP+MD together MD doesn`t fill the HDD then keep downloading the remaining files with them all being 0KB on the HDD yet having wasted lots of bandwidth and hours downloading for nothing (espcially if running overnight).

7. In OEP display the CURRENT SPEED of all downloads combined as on the bottom of the Info_View tab in MD.

8. Add an option to limit the bandwidth used by OEP+MD (when linked or running independently) to a % of the overall bandwidth available (e.g. if using a 512kbps ADSL connection then be able to set OEP+MD to never use more than 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 90%) so there is ALWAYS enough bandwidth left to surf or use email at an acceptable speed. I`ve tried using the speed options in both programs but whatever I try MD+OEP either run flat out or at only a fraction of dialup speed.

9. Add an option to limit the CPU % used by OEP (as with request 2 above) so the PC can still work acceptably for other tasks (from surfing to DivX encoding).

When using`s Total Net Shield as the proxy server the CPU always runs at 100
Oleg Chernavin
07/18/2005 07:06 am
Thank you for the suggestions. To explore the download directory, go to the Project map and Shift+click on any folder there. You will get the Windows Explorer menu to explore, open, etc.

Ctrl+F already works in Offline Explorer.

We plan to add the connections limit and Project icons features to the 4.0 version of Offline Explorer.

The current speed of all downloads is displayed in the Status Bar now.

We will think about other features to implement.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff