Mass Downloader Big Pause before completing download.

01/21/2005 06:56 pm
Been using Mass Downloader for a long long time, love it, bought it, using latest version, whenever i download anything with Mass, about 20 seconds before the download finishes, Mass pauses, the connection drops to 0, and i have to sit waiting for ages for it to pick up again ? Im on a dial up connection by the way. How do i fix this ? Thanks.
01/22/2005 08:51 am
Found my answer in Download Stops Post, Thanks, lets hope it helps !
01/23/2005 04:30 am

Please let us know the result.

Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
01/23/2005 07:01 pm
Hi Alexander,
Hope you are well, i set the Internet options to:
Minimal Thread 10
Http Time out 45
FTP Time out 65.
Pause is minimised by setting the above as stated.
Regards Col