2.45 Gb Download Fails after 80%

12/28/2004 12:46 pm

I have tried to download 3 times a 2.45gb iso image from different servers (Fedora Core 3). It stops at 80% and when I try to resume it restarts again from 0. This is the third time and I havent resumed it hoping there was a way to continue without restarting or try to finish it using another downloader. I am using version 2.7 SR2. I would apreciate any help from anyone.

12/28/2004 03:56 pm
Dear Carlos,

Thank you for writing us.
Could you please download and install the latest version of Mass Downloader, 3.0 SR1?
Please write us about the result. Thank you!

| Alexander Bednyakov
| MetaProducts Corporation