Sakis Papademetriou
12/15/2004 10:19 am
After years using MD i feel very happy with the latest 3.xx version, it is the most stable version ever released.
Please allow me some minor ergonomic suggestions...

1. URL history function in project properties. Not saved necessary, something that will work on per session or something like that.

2. An option to install a single language. IMHO languages submenu is useless because nobody change user interface language every so.

3. Date + file type column in FTP browser. A must when sorting long lists.

4. A remote file "last-modified" column in main grid. Info view helps here but such a column would be a nice addition.

5. An option or defaut to remember MD window maximized position.

6. Color coded bitmap in Speed selector. All green, is nice but it`s difficult to say which setting is used. I think that something like green - yellow - red would be much better.

7. Some buttons (browse - folder), are still using classic look. Not a big deal just a bit annoying disturbs the already excellent MD user interface.

That`s all, i hope you will consider some of the above suggestions.

Thank you

Sakis Papademetriou
12/16/2004 04:42 am
Just noticed that sometimes MD "forgets" its window size / pos, reseting to default.
Also, is it possible to configure MD to show all speed indicators as Kb/s ?


12/16/2004 05:45 am
I like 2 make text files when I do large amount of DL. 1 Thing I would like 2 C, is adding the location of where U want 2 download the file 2,

ex: c:/myharddrive/example/

and when I Import from a text file, it would recognize it and put it there...
something that would B cool with that, iz if there is a drive loc. in 1 spot then nothing in the next, it could download 2 that spot until the next loc.

ex c:/myharddrive/example/ c:/myharddrive/nextexample/

12/16/2004 08:53 am
Dear Sakis Papademetriou,

Thank you very much for your suggestions. Some of them will be added to the next version of Mass Downloader, the others - to the subsequent versions. I will send you a separate message on this.
Regarding the window size / pos problem - could you please describe me the sequence of actions to reproduce it?
It is impossible to configure speed indicators to show the speed in Kb/s yet. We will discuss the best way to add this.
Thank you for your help.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
12/16/2004 10:11 am
Dear Stoopid,

Thank you for your suggestion.
We have placed it to the Mass Downloader development list.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
Sakis Papademetriou
12/16/2004 10:29 am
Thank you Alexander, i`ve sent you e-mail.