DNS with multiple IP?

12/03/2004 09:17 am
I was wondering if MassDownloader supports DNS entries with multiple IP addresses.

For example, www.yahoo.com resolves to eight different IPs. If I set the number of threads to 8, would it open all threads on the same IP, open one thread per IP, or something in the middle (random?)


-- Keith
12/03/2004 09:24 am
Dear Keith,

Thank you for writing us.
Mass Downloader will open all threads to the same IP. It asks Windows to resolve the domain name once (on the first connect) and use the returned IP.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
12/03/2004 09:42 am
It would be really handy to split the download across multiple IPs. Some websites have speed restrictions on a per IP basis. It should be a fairly easy feature to add, too.

-- Keith
12/03/2004 01:52 pm
Thank you for your suggestion.
We added it to the Mass Downloader development list.