Problems with MD after installing XP SP2

Thomas S. Manley
08/29/2004 12:03 pm
I am a registered OE Pro user, and I had downloaded MD a few days ago to try it out. It was working great up until I installed Windows XP SP2. Since then, it won`t catch downloads within IE though I`ve tried to reapply integration settings and tested the integration using the button in options. Also, when I use that test button, often IE will produce an error but only for the instance of IE that the test launches. Let me know what I can do to help solve this. If this gets fixed then I can register MD because it does what I want in a download manager. Thanks.
09/02/2004 06:53 am
Dear Thomas S. Manley,

Thank you for your report.
Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce this problem on our Windows XP SP2 system. Which user account do you use? What is the version of your Internet Explorer?
Thank you!

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff