Ctrl-Alt-click problems

s thornhill
08/25/2004 06:15 am
I`ve used mass downloader very happily fro a couple of years but I`ve begun to have problems. I have always had it set only to catch Ctrl-Alt-click to download files from my browser. It has recently stopped downloading the files I Ctrl-Alt-click, instead it tries to download my homepage setting in ie (google). It still works fine in other modes, but I like the Ctrl-Alt-click option.

I`ve tried quite a few things including a full unintall and reinstall of the latest Mass Downloader, but it still misbehaves. Perhaps I`ve got a conflict on Ctrl-Alt-click with some process I`ve failed to locate.

Anbody seen similar behaviour and/or no a solution?

Note to the ever-helpful Alexander: how about a choice of keystrokes (eg shift-Alt-click) for the functionality I need, I could then avoid the conflict...if that is what is going on.

S Thornhill
08/25/2004 11:49 am
I think ctrl-click is being used by google, but the problem doesn`t vanish when I uninstall the google toolbar, I suspect remnants are left.
S Thornhill
08/25/2004 11:52 am
I maligned google wrongly I think, Ctrl-click in a blank ate of my ie browser just takes me to whatever the homepage is set at.
S Thornhill
08/25/2004 02:09 pm
nvidia desktop manager was teh utility causing the problem, I`ve turne it off.
08/26/2004 06:44 am
Dear S Thornhill,

Thank you for your information.