"Download all files" in opera 7.53

08/05/2004 03:31 am
The "+Mass Downloader: download all files" feature on the right click menu inside Opera doesn`t seem to work, can anyone tell me how to fix this problem? All I get is a blank screen and an error message saying there are no valid urls.
08/05/2004 04:35 am
Dear Rick,

Thank you for writing us.
Could you please send us the link of page where do you use this feature?
Also, please go to the Mass Downloader Options dialog, Integration | Browsers section, uncheck the Opera integration box and click the Apply button. Then please check this box again and click the OK button.
Please write us about the result. Thank you.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
08/05/2004 12:16 pm
Link of page: http://www.metaproducts.com/mp/mpProducts_Downloads_Current.asp
(also tried many other pages)

I tried the method you suggested but the problem remains. Are there some settings in opera that might be interfering with the program? Any further advice would be much appreciated.
08/06/2004 04:29 am
> Are there some settings in opera that might be interfering with the program?

First of all: Make sure you have enabled "plug-ins" and "JavaScript" in Opera:

Enable plug-ins
Enable JavaScript

But i guess your problem is, that you don`t "Reuse existing page" in the Windows-Preferences menu:

Reuse existing page

Currently the mentioned Massdown menu item doesn`t work without these settings.
But i`m sure, that Alexander shortly finds a solution for both Windows-Settings, right?
08/06/2004 04:37 am

Thank you for this Opera information.
I will forward it to our developers.

08/07/2004 05:32 am
Dear Rick (and all other Opera-Users),

If you really prefer to disable the "Reuse existing page" setting, there is another solution that perhaps fulfils your needs.

In Opera, create a new Bookmark (Bookmarks -> Add Bookmarks).
Fill out the Name field (i.e. Massdown or Mass Downloader).
In the Adress field you have to put the following Mass Downloader JavaScript line:
(it must be ONE line; you can find it in "standard_menu.ini"):

javascript:a=document.links;w=window.location;s=`<html><body onload=history.go(0)><EMBED SRC=\x22mass://{7D7F50E2-69AE-49EF-91FE-164734FA26A8}/`;s=s.concat(`;r=`);s=s.concat(w);for(i=``;i.length<a.length;i=i.concat(`_`)){f=a(i.length);s=s.concat(`;u`);s=s.concat(i.length);s=s.concat(`=`);s=s.concat(f.href);s=s.concat(`;c`);s=s.concat(i.length);s=s.concat(`=`);s=s.concat(f.innerText);}s=s.concat(`\x22`);s=s.replace(`#`,`\x2523`);s=s.concat(` TYPE=massdown/downloadall HIDDEN=true`);s=s.concat(`></body></html>`);document.write(s);document.close();

You can (should) choose the options "Show on personal bar" and "Show in hotlist panel".
Click on "OK".

From now on you have to simply drag this JavaScript-Bookmark from the Personal Bar or the Hotlist and drop it anywhere on the page you want to download from.
(Tested it here, works fine with Mass Downloader.)

Perhaps this is an even faster method for you to download all links with Mass Downloader.
08/07/2004 05:54 am
Dear Hennen,

Thank you very much for your information.

08/10/2004 08:35 am
Thanks Hennen :)