Transfer to a new PC

Andrew Bauer
08/03/2004 11:06 am
What is the easiest way to transfer MD and all of my downloads to a new PC? I see the Export History menu item, but there is no Import History menu item. I don`t want to lose all of my downloaded apps!
08/05/2004 03:01 am
Dear Andrew Bauer,

Please install Mass Downloader to the new computer and then copy files from
Documents and settings\Application data\MetaProducts\Mass Downloader folder to the same location at the new computer and copy all incomplete files to the folder with the same path as they were placed at the old computer.
Please contact us if you have any problem or question.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff

11/03/2004 11:29 am
I re-install Windows on my machine (Virus, Spyware, Windows Bugs, etc, etc, etc.). Can i re-install mass downloader or there are problems whit the key?. I am using a trial (2.6SP1) but i am seriously considering buy it.
11/04/2004 05:00 am
No problem - please use the same registration code.