Downloading some Linked files

06/04/2004 11:20 am
I dloaded Mass Dloader and cannot find out how to download several files that are linked to
link 1:

when clicking link 1 i can choose from 9 other new links (link2) on that page, each links leads to a site with several files (link 3) on it and i want to dload all .xls files contained. I just figured out to go to link2, choose dload all with mass downloader. Is it somehow possible to go to link 1 and dload all the link3 files in one step?
all the best
06/04/2004 04:15 pm
Dear Felix,

Thank you for writing us.
If you need the program which follows all links and download pages/files from them, please try our Offline Explorer product.

| Alexander Bednyakov
| MetaProducts Corporation