Mass Downloader and LiteStep blues.

Nicholas Enero
02/29/2004 03:34 pm
Hi, I`m running the LiteStep shell and if I access mass downloader features while it`s minimized to the the system tray by right clicking on the tray icon (e.g. preferences) the dialog appears but I can`t click on any of the buttons. After that happens most the the other dialogs start having the same problem and the system has to be rebooted to fix everthing.

Windows XP Pro w/ SP1a
LiteStep 0.24.7 RC1 (Skybox theme)
Mass Downloader 2.6 Build 447 SR1

Nicholas Enero
03/02/2004 09:22 am
Dear Nicholas Enero,

Thank you for writing us.
Could you please give me the download link of this LiteStep version?

Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
Nicholas Enero
03/08/2004 02:19 am
Sure, you can get it from the main download site at:

It`s LiteStep Installer v3.0.2 (litestep_installer-3.0.2.exe). You can get additional themes from two of the ones I`ve tested with are:

Glaze 1.3

and Skybox

Just a side note, the Glaze theme is fully compliant with this build of LiteStep, however, Skybox needs a few slight changes to work properly. Hope all that helps.