Unable to resume?

01/06/2004 03:02 am

I`ve just installed the trial version of MD and so far so good.

However, I`ve found a "problem" - I`ve been d/l some pretty big movie files overnight and when I got back to the PC this morning, I noticed about half a dozen of them had got to 99% and then errored.

When I checked the "Progress View", one of the HTTP threads had "Aborted" and there seems no way to restart without going right back to the beginning of the file - which is INCREDIBLY annoying. I know the server supports resume as other d/l managers can do this with no probs.

As I said, getting to 99% on several files and then having to start from scratch is VERY annoying.

Any ideas?

01/06/2004 04:59 am
Dear Dave,

Thank you for writing us.
Could you please open the download folder and find the downloaded file? It is probably have the .Mass extension. Please look at its size. Is it correct? If it is so, please try to remove the .Mass extension and open this file. Please write us if it is corrupted.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
01/08/2004 05:43 am
Thanks, that seems to be the trick - just the "99% failed" thing confused me...
01/09/2004 08:08 am
Dear Dave,

We will find the cause of this problem. Download Express downloads a file well, but doesn`t show this properly.