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jonny_ftm 12/09/2003 08:28 am
I`d like to change the default 10 number of threads per added file, so that when I add a file, it`s only one thread.

Many thanks
Alexander 12/09/2003 10:36 am
Dear Jonny Ftm,

Thank you for writing us.
Please go to File | Default Project Properties dialog and set the number of threads to 1, then click OK.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff

jonny_ftm 12/10/2003 06:31 am
Many many thanks for help
Can I ask a question or maybe a suggestion?
Why don`t you merge it in options menu???
It would be easier and more logical to look for in that menue, why throw program options in many menues?

Anyway, great proggy and thanks for help
Alexander 12/10/2003 09:23 am
This parameter is in the Project Properties dialog, so it is logical to look for it there.
You may use the box "Set as Default" of Properties dialog instead of using the File | Default Project Properties menu item.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff

jonny_ftm 12/11/2003 03:13 am
Ups, never noted that small check box in the bottom for defaults :-)