11/12/2003 11:32 pm
I`ve just started using Mass Downloader and I can`t figure out how to save passwords for downloading from sites that require them. My user name is saved, but I have to keep typing in the password.
I tried to use the default project properties to remember it but now the user/pass info is used for all of my downloads.
Is it possible to get the Downloader to remember user/passwords for particular sites only?

(I hope all that made sense!)

Thanks in advance :-)
11/14/2003 05:46 am
Dear Sonia,

Thank you for writing us.
Does Mass Downloader asks you to input login/password using Authentication dialog?

You may add several files from the same server, then select these Projects, right-click them and select Properties item. Then please select Passwords tab and enter login/password information. Click OK button. These login/password will be applied to all selected Projects.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff