I can`t download a whole folder from ftp

10/02/2003 12:09 pm
When I try to download all files and subfolders in a single ftp folder , I find mass download helpless.
I have to check-in every file that I want to download. It`s a crazy thing. Mass download create a
new project for every file,but one for a folder.
Could you please help me,thank you?
10/03/2003 08:22 am
Dear Balyqq,

Thank you for writing us.
To select all files in an FTP folder please right-click the list of files in the FTP browser and use the "Select All" popup menu item. Then please use the "Add selected items to download list" toolbar button. All files will be added to the download list.

We plan to add the dowloading of FTP folders with subfolders to the future versions of Mass Downloader. Offline Explorer Pro already has this feature.

| Alexander Bednyakov
| Senior Developer
| MetaProducts Corporation