closing Explorer

03/29/2006 07:02 am
When I was downloading a program, I`ve closed Internet Explorer by accident. Now my download can`t connect anymore. I`ve tried everything, but nothing works. My download won`t resume. I`m not gonna restart, cause 19 mb whit a 56k modem is quite much. What should I do? Please help me


03/29/2006 07:02 am
Dear Savarage,

Thank you for writing us.
Which program did you use for this download?
If it is Internet Explorer, you can try to import this file to Mass Downloader. Please go to File | Import | Incomplete download and select this file. Then please enter its URL and start the download.
If this server is alive and supports resuming, Mass Downloader will resume this download.

Thank you.

| Alexander Bednyakov
| Senior Developer
| MetaProducts Corporation