Profits for translation`s author

03/29/2006 07:00 am
Are there any profits for the MD translation`s author? I am working at Polish translation for MD and I wonder if I can get a free license if I`ll make _good_ translation. You should think about translations marking system - IMHO best way is putting a questionnaire on your`s web page. If users`ll tell, that the translation is good, author could be rewarded by the MD`s license ... What do you think about it ?
03/29/2006 07:00 am
Yes, we have thought about this method.

The translation procedure now is:
1. You translate the language file and send it to us
2. We add it to the current build and send the link back to you to test the whole program (including installation screens)
3. If you find any problem, you send the corrected file back to us and we repeat the point 2.

Then we release your translation with the next version of Mass Downloader and you receive the registration key.
If someone makes poor translation, we start receiving complaints from users. If this happens, we can exclude this language file from the next version of MD and we will disable the corresponding registration key.

| Alexander Bednyakov
| Senior Developer
| MetaProducts Corporation