Process Validation Results Keep Crashing with Opera bookmars

Adrian Allemann
12/08/2005 03:43 pm

I just try to `Validate all Links` and this runs just smooth, but when i
try afterward the `Process Validation Results` taks, the program keep

I think its because it makes for every change the whole file new,
delete the file, make it new and so on and if you have a lot of links
(my file is about 4 MB great) then after a while Links Organizer

Well that is only a suggestion, maybe its better when you first make all
changes intern and save it only at the end - and it would also be nice
if its possible to save the `Validate all Links` Task, because if after
that the Program crashes you have to to this over again

well i try to convert the links to IE maybe there its a little easyer
to handle such a lot links even when IE messing up the Link Sorting..

have a great week end
Adrian Allemann
12/11/2005 12:16 am
In the above described case, the memory usage went bigger and bigger
after 5% changed links in LO, the memory usage went up to 2GB (the
main LO.exe uses only about 30MB but the virtual ram get bigger and
bigger very fast)

I have about 768 MB Ram and a medicore AMD System with 2800+ running
Windows XP Pro With SP2 and the windows installation is about 2
Months old so I don`t think that my systesm causes the problem - is
there any way to avoid this behavior of LO, when working with big
bookmark file which contain about 10`000 to 25`000 links?
Oleg Chernavin
12/12/2005 08:34 am
Thank you! I will try to reproduce this and fix.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff