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Alan Copeland 09/27/2012 05:33 am
I'm getting an intermittent issue when I boot my PC AutoDialogs has lost all of its settings.

To work around this I'm having to backup ad.dat and restore it when this "error" occurs have you any ideas on what may be causing this.

I'm using AutoDialogs 2.7 .184 Service Release 1 & Windows 7 Ultimate.
Oleg Chernavin 09/27/2012 07:34 am
Can you try to erase this folder with AutoDialogs settings and reboot the computer. Start AutoDialogs and quit it. Then replace the newly created ad.dat file with the backup one? Would this fix the issue?

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Alan Copeland 10/04/2012 09:51 am
Thanks, I've tried that (a few days ago now) and the settings haven’t yet been lost, I'll monitor the situation and let you know if it occurs again.

Oleg Chernavin 10/04/2012 10:23 am
Yes, please keep me informed. Thank you!

Alan Copeland 10/15/2012 07:27 am
My settings were lost again this morning (I restored them from a backup of ad.dat).
Oleg Chernavin 10/15/2012 07:30 am
All folders were lost or just most recent changes?

Alan Copeland 10/15/2012 08:03 am
Hi Oleg

All of the folders were lost. (The treeview just had the root AutoDialogs node)

Alan Copeland 01/22/2013 04:50 am
This is still an issue for me and happens at least once every 2 weeks.

Oleg Chernavin 01/25/2013 08:09 am
I made changes to the code that saves the configuration. Can you please update AD.exe file to this version:


Please let me know if this happens again.

Thank you!

Alan Copeland 01/28/2013 05:00 am
Thanks for the response!

I've applied the file and I'll let you know how I get on.

Alan Copeland 07/17/2013 03:31 am
Sorry for the delay in responding.
I've been running this AutoDialogs 2.7.186 SR 2 for quite a while now and haven't had any re-occurrence of the issue.
Oleg Chernavin 07/17/2013 05:47 am
This is very good. Thank you!